Sunday, November 16, 2014

Part 2 of Selway elk trapping

"Your mother and I have been talking," my father said at the breakfast table, "we don't think you should go alone. How about asking that Walters boy to go with you? We have already talked to his parents about it."
Dave Walters, Lois Walters little brother- he is two years younger than me, I thought as my father continued to explain that his parents were in agreement.  The plans were agrees upon by all and while Dave and I prepared ourselves our parents worked out the details. David and I had very little interactions which worked well for me.

A day after school let out was the day selected, we followed the plan;  following a prayer and bidding farewell to my parents I drove the 3 miles to the Walters, received a helping of positive concern from Clyde and Louise as they too said their goodbyes. We left town in my parents 1958 Chevrolet sedan around 3:00 am. I had the marked maps and my senses were sharpened by fear and excitement. The early morning darkness added to the adventure. We drove toward Idaho Falls and pulled onto interstate 15, northbound. Twenty-five miles later we took the Salmon exit. Another twenty miles and I was in country I had never been before in my entire life. David and I talked only minimally-conferring upon the correct route and otherwise silent, too shy to converse.

On we drove in the dark. We found ourselves traveling on a straight road that coursed between two mountain ranges. This was easy! No traffic at this hour and hardly any turns. My eyes bounced routinely from the dashboard gages to the mirrors and back to the road. Occasionally as an oncoming vehicle would approach I would stomp around and find the dimmer switch before they would flash me a reminder. I felt more comfortable in the wider and open valley to have my lights on bright because I was worried about pronghorn or deer. About 90 miles from home as I was approaching Gilmore summit, I noticed headlights approaching me from behind.  I was watching my speed and stayed at 55 mph which was the night time speed limit. I was ill at ease with the lights coming up behind me and was pleased when the vehicle finally passed me. The truck continued on until it was about 500 yards I front of me. When the brake lights came on, I was confused and the truck came to a stop directly in front of me. Dave and I shot glances at each other, "maybe he needs help," I said. We pulled to a stop behind the truck and out stepped the driver with a club in his hand. He stiffly approached us and I rolled down my window and leaned out my head. The truck driver stopped at the front of the car, raised his club and bellowed, "dim your (blankety blank) lights or I will dim them for you!!!" " Oh I am sorry" I stammered and madly tried to hurry and dim the high beams. My feet were occupied: one on the brake and the other one on the clutch-

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